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Humidity Control Problems

The ideal humidity is somewhere between 35% and 60%. Regulating humidity allows you to feel more comfortable and relaxed which improves your mood, efficiency and even your health.

Problems caused by High Humidity

As we all know summer brings days with seemingly unbearable humidity, when it’s hovering up around 90% and you’re sweating in the shade. High humidity brings several problems

  • High humidity can put your family’s health at risk, especially for children and seniors. When not properly controlled it can lead to property damage plus mould and fungus which can lead to very dangerous illnesses.
  • Higher temperature sensation. If you have 30% humidity then 32°C actually feels like 32°C, which is like a nice day at the beach or a regular day in Las Vegas. However if the humidity were 75% it would feel a little over 42°C.
  • It makes you uncomfortable, we feel sticky and sweaty.

Problems Caused by Low Humidity

As opposed, during winter time we have some days with very low humidity. Low humidity causes dry skin, eyes and respiratory illness.

Any of these issues is a good question to ask an HVAC Specialist. Talk to one today and give us a call at (647) 272-8471.

How to solve humidity problems:

Your air conditioner can help you control the high humidity during summer. However when improperly dimensioned or adjusted it can be ineffective and you should be able to notice it relatively easy, that’s when you should call your HVAC professional for advice.
If you are noticing issues with you’re A/C then a tune up might just get it back to peak performance, visit our coupons page to see our System Tune Up deal.
A humidifier can help you control the humidity during winter. If you do have a humidifier and you notice problems like excessive condensation on your windows, then your humidifier might have been wrongly dimensioned or setup. Most people will only detect this problem when a health issues or property damage arrive. 

See below some pictures of problems caused by excess moisture.

Mould problems caused by excess moisture. Floor, corner

Mould problems caused by excess moisture. Floor, corner

Mould problems caused by excess moisture. Ceiling, corner

Mould problems caused by excess moisture. Floor, Corner

Mould problems caused by excess moisture. Ceiling

In order to avoid these problems you should ask an HVAC professional to dimension, adjust and give you instructions on what should be the proper settings depending on the exterior temperature. Call Reliable Air today at (647) 272-8471 and ask us about Humidity Solutions.

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